Protest Has Low Turnout

Protest Participants in front of Time Warner

Protest Participants in front of Time Warner

Located at the headquarters of Time Warner, the protest went well, but had a low turnout. The protest was scheduled to start at 11:00 AM in Highland park, off of Robinson Drive, then march 1.1 miles to TWC headquarters at 12:00 Noon, after select people spoke. Phillip Dampier, who created, was interviewed for about 10 minutes by News8/Fox in the process.

Multiple other reporters were there to capture the story, including TWC’s own R-News station! This has me wondering what kind of slant they’ll put on the story. The low turnout was likely due to Sen. Schumer’s announcement at the same location on Friday. This announcement led us to believe that this cap idea was over, the press release 2 hours later led us to believe otherwise. This release was the reason for reinstating the rally, after careful review of the chain of events.

Two videos were taken from my iPhone and broadcasted live to They were also archived for viewing:

  1. 12:34 PM
  2. 1:02 PM

2 Responses to Protest Has Low Turnout

  1. I think it’s important to remind everyone that we thought we had this nipped in the bud on Thursday afternoon when Sen. Schumer came to town. The blaring headlines of “cap plan withdrawn” is also going to cause an attention withdrawal to this matter.

    A lot of us assumed the rally had been canceled because the plan was dead. Those of us who are engaged in this issue quite a lot were able to discern the TW press release as a snowjob and that the caps were back, but if you weren’t closely paying attention, you probably still thought the whole thing was over with.

    R-News is usually pretty credible about being fair in their coverage. There is a firewall between the news division and TW corporate. Most of the misinformation/slanted reporting I encounter comes from reporters who don’t know the issues and simply rehash press releases. They aren’t confrontational because they don’t know what to ask or how to follow-up.

    Regardless of the number of protesters, it’s a win everytime there is media attention on this issue, particularly because today’s story will remind people this issue isn’t over with.

    • steveswitzer says:

      I agree with you, but I do wish there were more people to give the impression that we’re not just an odd-ball minority that don’t like the caps. Every client that I’ve spoken with are upset by this news, and believe this plan is nothing more than an attempt to rake in more money from customers who don’t know the truth.
      I wrote most of this article, then read yours which sounded much more positive. I definitely don’t think this was not worth the effort, and debated changing the title of the article. After some consideration, I thought it would help to keep my original opinion intact with the article, hopefully letting people know that they were “at ease” prematurely.
      The fight is NOT over!

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