Time Warner now rescinds new pricing plan


Sen. Chuck Schumer just announced that Time Warner has canceled their plans at tiered pricing! GREAT WORK on complaining to top officials!
This does not mean we’re off the hook! Time Warner simply gave up on their current plans, but are likely going back to the drawing board to devise a new way to rip us off. Take this opportunity to ask Verizon when FiOS will be available here. The more people ask about FiOS, the better they’ll see this area as a profitable market to enter, and in theory, the faster we’ll see fiber into our homes. Let’s do it!

We bought ourselves some time, but we must act now to prevent their next ploy…


2 Responses to Time Warner now rescinds new pricing plan

  1. randyaa says:

    From my understanding FIOS won’t be coming any time soon not because they don’t WANT to but because this is Frontier territory.

    For FIOS to setup shop in Rochester they’d need a TAP on the internet backbone lines. Since this doesn’t yet exist for them there would be a HUGE up front cost/investment.

    It’s my understanding that they haven’t even rolled FIOS out to all their existing customers yet and so won’t branch out to the Rochester area until this is the case.

    That being said, I do still think we need to keep up the fight and push for more competition in the area. To do so we need to push our local representatives to push for competition on our behalf.

    I just think the cry to Verizon/FIOS will likely fall upon deaf ears.

    • steveswitzer says:

      Thank you for your comments. You could be correct, as I don’t have inside information on Verizon’s plans for expansion or their status. I still think we should visit the Verizon page then request info on when it’ll be available so we can let them know there’s huge interest here to offset their costs of entering the market.
      However, we can all agree on one thing. Competition is a must in the area, or Time Warner will continue to dream up new ways to rip us off. Thus, we’ll have to continue to protest and get media attention on ourselves in order to draw attention to the issue at hand.

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