Time Warner not done with limit idea?

According to the official announcement from @JeffTWC on Twitter, CEO Glenn Britt says, “. . . we continue to believe that consumption based billing may be the best pricing plan for consumers . . .”

We still need Massa to bring his bill to congress, and we still need to contact Verizon about getting FiOS competition to the area. We can’t rest on this! The battle was won, but there may be many more to this war!


2 Responses to Time Warner not done with limit idea?

  1. Frederick Dole says:

    The real problem here are Schools and Industrial Sites which just like their power prices are way below our costs.
    They pay a lot less and especially the schools are funded by taxpayers download piles of games and junk that they really do not need to.
    Business should pay extra, since they are using it for conferences but their base price is low also.
    So does that mean they will get hit with a increase, I don’t think so, it always ends up being the average hardworking middle income taxpayer!

    • steveswitzer says:

      Sure, schools have younger people who are exploring all the possibilities of the Internet, and they likely download lots of unnecessary things. But I would imagine (or at least hope) that schools have filters on their connections as to limit the students abilities to access content deemed inappropriate. This should limit the amount of activity in the school, but not have any effect on the home since most people likely don’t have filters at home.
      Businesses certainly use the Internet as a business tool, and therefore need better uptime guarantees, lower latency and guarantees on bandwidth availability rather than the “best effort” method that low cost residential service sees. Businesses likely also generate a fair amount of traffic, depending on what they are doing.

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