Kids don’t know Internet Rationing

I arrived home this evening to find my 8 year old daughter on one of our Linux computers, visiting a web page that has full length episodes of sponegbob! I didn’t realize this was even available on-line but there she was streaming full length shows, full screen and I must say it looked pretty good! That was no shabby feed.

Had I been on a plan with a usage cap, I would have been rather upset. That show was probably on the Dish DVR, but she innocently chose to watch it on-line instead. This brought me to thinking about this further. If our usage was rationed, how would we handle it? I’d somehow have to setup our server to apportion the allowed gigabytes into sensible quotas for each family member. If my children drive us over quota and I need to perform research for a customer on-line, then I’d be paying extra for it! Looks like I’d have to charge my customers extra for any on-line research time! So, remember the “fuel surcharges” added to various purchases of products, shipping services, etc. Well, get ready to see a “over-my-gigabyte-cap surcharge” on your next restaurant bill – as they likely submit your credit card payment to Visa over the Internet!

So, what about college students that need to research on-line, download coursework, watch video lectures then upload a paper to the professor? I’m sure there will be plans for neighborhoods and apartment complexes to obtain one plan, max it out at $150/month and share it between multiple houses, apartments, etc. This is likely frowned upon by Time Warner, but what choice would some people have for reasonably priced service? Everything is moving on-line, and my children are exploring beyond the pbskids & nick sites by doing their own searches for things. This scares me even WITH Internet filtering of porn, etc… but that’s another topic.


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