My email to Time Warner

I thought those that are following my blog would be interested in seeing what I just wrote to Time Warner through email:

I am strongly opposed to your proposed Internet caps, and am actively working to spread the word about why this is bad for our economy. Eric Massa has my full support, and I will also be sending information to him and the media. There are several claims made by TWC that are false, misleading and a blatant lie. Your own SEC filings show that your claims as to why this is “necessary” are lies. The consumer MUST be educated to make a wise decision.

Usage caps are not the answer, and only shows that you’re trying to drive out competition from Vonage, T-Mobile @ Home, Phone Power, Broadvoice, etc on the phone side, and Netflix, Hulu, NBC, youtube, AppleTV, iTunes, ustream, etc on the video side of things. Cable broadcasting is outdated, and this approach instead of helping, is simply holding back progress and stifling innovation of IP based solutions of the future. Furthermore, people that work from home over a VPN so they don’t have to hire a babysitter (which completely negates the income from working) will be hurt, since they likely cannot afford $150/month for residential Internet access.

Comparing these prices to the rest of the country, even Buffalo & Syracuse, it’s evident this this is price gouging. FiOS, Comcast, AT&T, etc all offer much higher speeds than we have now at similar prices to the 10Mbps options.

You don’t need to line your pockets… especially not from people who are already hurting in this economy.


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